Hepton Singers in Europe

The Hepton Singers was part of a European-funded project called SOL/Grundtvig, which also involved eight other choirs. The project ran from October 2013 to May 2015.

Each choir hosted workshops and a free public performance. Several singers from every participating choir attended each workshop. By the time the project was completed members of The Hepton Singers had sung in  six other European countries.

The other choirs are:
Ensemble vocal Arcanes from Saint Esteve, France
Groupe vocal Arpege from Bordeaux, France
Fulltura from Warsaw, Poland
Diosdi Szent Gellert from Diosd, Hungary
Ceska pisen from Prachatice, Czech Republic
Politistiki Kinisi from Limossol, Cyprus
Icat di from Treviglio, Italy
Vox Cordis from Arezzo, Italy

We hosted the Hebden Bridge workshops and performance in April 2014. The workshops were run by choir member David Bartlett, who also conducted the SOL choir for their half of our concert in Heptonstall. The second half of the concert was performed by The Hepton Singers conducted by our director, Alison West.